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Sani Resort - Things to do

1. An evening walk that’s not to be missed at Sani Resort: wait until dusk and make your way down the steps from the lobby of the Sani Club to the water’s edge. Choose your spot and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Sani by night, dominated by the illuminated Sani Hill. Pure magic!

2. Gastronomy is a science in which the Sani Resort leads the way! Two of Greece’s most distinguished culinary leaders, Apostolos Traselis owner of the top Athenian restaurants Spondi and Hydra, and Chrysanthos Karamolegos from Sani’s very own Tomota Restaurant will be creating superb dishes for you once again this season. Enjoy gourmet experiences at “Sea you Up”, “Tomata”, “Byblos” and the “Water Restaurant”, all of them recipients of numerous ‘Golden Hat’ awards for top-notch cuisine.

3. Just before the entrance to the Sani Beach there’s a path which leads off into a small wood. There, between the sand and the trees, you’ll find a host of fragrant herbs like thyme and oregano. The atmosphere is heavy with the intoxicating scent – especially in the evening when the air is beginning to cool.

4. One of the most beautiful sunsets you are ever likely to see is from the “Sea you Up” restaurant in the Marina. Order one of their superb Daiquiri cocktails and soak up the atmospheric music as you surrender to the drama of the sunset unfolding before your very eyes. A truly God-given sight to delight mortal eyes!

5. Shopping with attitude at the Sani Marina Among this season’s must wear items: sexy Adidas shorts by Stella McCartney, bathing costumes, kaftans and havaianas from Amozonia, fabulous jewellery from Petra Collection, Oxette and Vildiridi. Also worth trying are the hot kaftans from Colours, Bello and Portobello, super tops Lacoste, Tommy, O’Neil and Aesthetics and Dolce clothes at the new Altamira store. And for an added touch of colour, pick out some of the fabulous flowers at Eucharis.

6. For keen nature-lovers, the path opposite the entrance to the Porto Sani leads to a wetland. Sani is a haven for wildlife wonders within its 1,000 acre natural setting. The Sani Wetlands are a birdwatchers paradise with more than 200 species making it their habitat. Explore this unique place on a guided walk or birdwatching trip and learn more about 'Sani Green' Sani's environmental programme.

7. Combine amusement and instruction at the “Sea you” lounge beach. Fabulous sea views, a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and just next door, at On Paper, a comprehensive range of newspapers and magazines for leisure reading or staying in touch with the real world!

8. Wherever you venture in the Sani resort, the very best-quality coffee is on hand, rich in fragrance and flavour. Aficionados can savour a delicious afternoon coffee at the “Water Bar” in the Sani Asterias, or a Sunday morning freddo at the “Ammos Bar”, next to Sani Beach.

9. Good music is everywhere at the resort. Make sure you check out the live music events coming up at Bousoulas’ White parties and Latin parties.

10. Visitors to the resort in springtime have a special treat in store. Every May the Sani Gourmet programme brings in chefs from Greece and abroad for a whole week of haute cuisine in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

11. The “Bousoulas Beach Bar” draws people from all over Halkidiki, and is one of the main focus points for beach life at the Sani Resort. Hang around to enjoy the sunset, or stay on to enjoy the romantic evening atmosphere, sipping your drinks right at the water’s edge.

12. If you decide to eat your evening meal at the Marina, try to get one of the balcony tables. The views are breathtaking, and if the air is clear you should be able to see right across to Mount Olympus.

13. The “Creperie” at the Marina is a paradise for snackers. One mouthful and you’ll be hooked! You can also enjoy delicious ice cream at the pop-up ice-cream van which will make its way around the resort. Offering a selection of flavours and free of charge - you'll simply want to ensure an ice cream a day is your daily treat.

14. Sign up to one of Greece’s most abiding traditions, and make your way to the Sani Beach Club or Alexis’taverna for a lunchtime ouzo. The service is so friendly you’ll feel right at home.

15. An opportunity not to be missed! Make sure you leave space in your holiday to visit My Spa at Sani Beach or The Spa Suite at Porto Sani. Both offer vital after-sun care, and a whole range of other treatments. Beauty care using tailor-made treatments from Ann Semonin will enhance both looks and energy levels, leaving you looking well-rested in mind and body.

16. Extreme sports enthusiasts will make their way straight to the Sea World diving school at the Sani Club, where Thanasis and Konstantinos will help you discover the magic of scuba diving. More experienced divers will have the chance to explore the wreck of the ship Mytilene, which sank just off the coast, striking a reef one stormy night in 1961. Dolphins are a regular sight, while the months of May and September bring a host of large fish to admire or hunt.

17. Why not revive some childhood memories with a cycle ride along the country road from Sani to Kassandreia. Gentle exercise through beautiful, tranquil countryside, what could be better?

18. If you’ve booked your holiday during the period of the Sani Festival – you have a treat in store! Every evening, under the starlight, great singers and performers take to the stage on Sani Hill. Concerts are followed by parties: artists and guests mingle in festive mood.

19.If you love to keep active on your holiday, Sani's range of sporting activities including watersports are superb. From the two watersports stations at both Sani Beach and Sani Club you can choose from windsurfing, waterskiing, even parasailing. Those wanting a more laid-back experience can opt to hire a pedalo or for the lap of luxury, a private yacht for the day. For maximum entertainment the Sani Water Park, located next to Sani Hill is a fantastic afternoon of fun for any family, with its amazing water activities.

20. As the best should always be left to last, the best part of the Sani Resort is the accommodation. Sani Club has been recently renovated and the new Zen style is absolutely fabulous. At Sani Beach the Junior Suites in the second wing give direct access to the sea: just a stroll out of bed and into the crystal-clear waters! As for the Sani Asterias - no words can do them justice. And Porto Sani where the suites are just a dream…