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Sani Resort Excursions

Whilst many people associate a holiday in Halkidiki with days spent relaxing on glorious beaches, soaking up the sunshine and swimming in clear blue waters, there is also a wealth of lesser-known cultural and gastronomic attractions waiting to be discovered. Here are just some of the fantastic excursions available from Sani Resort.

Kavala and Phillipi Excursion
An excursion to Kavala and Phillipi, one of the first Christian communities in Europe. Go wine tasting at the award wining Biblia Chora winery, followed by lunch in Kavalla, sample the best fresh fish that can be found in Greece!

Pella and Vergina Excursion
Excursion to Pella and Vergina, the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Explore the Royal tombs of Vergina, then it’s on to the winery of the Dalamaras family, a small but excellent winery, specializing in the full bodied red wines of the Naoussa area.

Thessaloniki market Excursion
An early morning tour to the Thessaloniki market. The morning starts with a visit to a traditional bakery in order to taste some of the local specialties such as Bougatsa and Koulouri together with a cup of Greek coffee. Guided by one of Sani Resort’s chefs, you will get to know some of the main ingredients of Greek cuisine before tasting some traditional dishes during a typical Thessaloniki marketplace lunch.

Mount Athos Cruise
A private cruise to the Mount Athos peninsula, the only monastic republic in Europe. On the way you will see some of the most spectacular monasteries that can be found in Europe. Greek specialties will be served for lunch on-board.

Thessaloniki Museums and churches
An excursion to Thessaloniki with a guided tour of the Byzantine museum and the National museum as well as a tour of some of the most beautiful Byzantine churches in Thessaloniki.

Petralona cave Excursion
Discover the nearby Petralona cave, where archaeologists have found one of the first signs of civilisation on European soil. Continue to the Tsantali winery, one of Greece's best known wine makers. Return to the Sani Resort in order to enjoy a farewell dinner in the Sani Marina! some wonderful VIP Tours including.

Thessaloniki Sightseeing Tour

Thessaloniki Fashion Day

Thessaloniki Tasty Exploration

For details of ALL Sani Resort's Excursions & VIP Tours contact our Amathus Holidays Sani Experts to find out more on 0800 810 8420 .