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Dine Around at Sani Resort

Enjoy the unique Dine Around at Sani Resort, there’s no better way to sample the culinary delights at Sani than through the Dine Around programme where half-board and full-board guests at Sani Beach, Sani Club, Porto Sani, Sani Dunes and Sani Asterias, can enjoy the culinary delights in a choice of restaurants throughout the resort. It makes dining a lot of fun and varied with the restaurants offering a selection of special set menus.

When staying on half board, guests can choose to use their board at lunch or at dinner time.

Dine Around Programme

At Sani the Dine Around Programme allows half-board and full-board guests to use their meal allowance in 22 restaurants at Sani Resort where they can either select one of the several tailored menus - without extra charges - or order a-la-carte.

If guests choose to order a-la-carte, the meal allowance amount of 20€ p.p. (children 10€) for Sani Beach & Sani Club guests, 25€ p.p. (children 12.50€) for Porto Sani and Sani Dunes guests and when applicable, 40€ p.p. (children 20€) at Sani Asterias will be deducted from their total bill:

Self Serve Buffets

During lunch and dinner, regardless of your board, ALL drinks are always extra including bottled water in all buffet restaurants.

  • Buffet dinner only at the Poseidon restaurant of Sani Beach.
  • Buffet dinner only at the Olympos restaurant* of Sani Club.
  • Bufffet dinner only at Veranda restaurant at Sani Beach (adults only 12+).

Dine Around Menu Available and A La Carte

Some restaurants offer Dine Around Menus with no extra charge (except drinks) guests can choose between 2-3 starters/main courses/desserts. These restaurants also offer A La Carte options.

  • Lunch or dinner at Macaroni Italian restaurant, Sani Marina.
  • Lunch or dinner at Greek tavern Psaroyannos, Sani Marina.
  • Lunch or dinner at Vosporos Grill House, Sani Marina.
  • Lunch or dinner at Ergon Deli, Sani Marina.
  • Lunch or Dinner at the Club Lounge, Sani Club.
  • Lunch or Dinner at the Ammos, Sani Beach.
  • Lunch or Dinner at the Grill by the Pool, Mediterranean cuisine and Grill at Sani Beach.
  • Lunch or Dinner at Pines, Mediterranean menu combined with 'farm to table' concept at Sani Club.
  • Dinner at Artemis, international Mediterranean cuisine, Porto Sani.
  • Lunch or Dinner at Cabana, French-style cuisine by the sea, at Sani Club.

A La Carte


  • Lunch or dinner at Ammos, serving light options for lunch and an exclusive a la carte menu during dinner.
  • Lunch or dinner at Grill by the Pool, featuring premium steaks and other succulent meats.


  • Lunch or dinner at the Ouzerie, Greek tavern in seafront setting.
  • Lunch or dinner at Pines offering Greek menu combined with 'farm to table' concept by the infinity pool.
  • Lunch or dinner at Club Lounge.
  • Lunch or dinner at Cabana, French-style cuisine by the sea.


  • Dinner at Artemis restaurant, haute cuisine.
  • Dinner at Spanish El Puerto


  • Dinner at Market, international Mediterranean cuisine, spacious outdoor terrace.
  • Dinner at Fresco, fine-dining Italian cuisine, menu created by Michelin-starred chef Ettore Botrini (adults only 12+).
  • Lunch or Dinner at Beach House, Mediterranean fine-dining cuisine.


  • Lunch or Dinner at Water, French gastronomic restaurant, menu created by Michelin-starred French Chef Jacques Chibois.


  • Lunch or dinner at Ergon Deli, a dining experience with central feature for sharing dishes, delicatessen themed.
  • Lunch or dinner at Tomata, gourmet Greek fusion cuisine, menu created by awarded Chef C. Karamolengos.
  • Dinner in Japanese restaurant Katsu, menu created by Chef Katsuhiko Hanamure (Katsu) who is linked to numerous Nobu restaurants worldwide.
  • Dinner at Asian restaurant - all cuisines from Southeast Asia.
  • Lunch or dinner at Vosporos Grill House.
  • Lunch or dinner at Macaroni Italian restaurant.
  • Lunch or dinner at Psaroyannos Greek traditional Ouzerie

* For dinner, guests must book a table in advance in one of Sani Resort's restaurants.

* Please be aware that infants are not catered for in the non buffet restaurants. The number of available restaurants can change throughout the season.

* Gentlemen are kindly requested to wear long trousers for dinner in all restaurants at the Sani Resort.

Restaurants NOT included in the Sani Dine Around Programme.

  • The Lagoon restaurant, Porto Sani
  • Alexis Tavern, authentic Greek tavern Sani Marina.

For more information on the exceptional Sani Dine Around programme call the Amathus Holidays dedicated Sani team free on 0800 810 8420 .

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