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The Village Square

The heart of Aphrodite Hills is the Village Square, a beautiful location which is the focal point of daily life at Aphrodite Hills and a charming rendezvous for meeting friends and other guests.

Designed to reflect the unhurried atmosphere of a traditional Cypriot village and built from locally quarried stone, it holds the warmth and charm of Village life.

Aphrodite Hills Village Square Pharmacy

The Village Square has a real community ambience with a great choice of shops and restaurants; this is also where St Catherine's Courtyard Terrace home to St Catherine's Chapel proudly stands.

Which Cypriot Village is not complete without its hub a most beautifully architectured church displaying hand crafted Icons and a cool place to relax and gather your thoughts of the day like all Village Squares in the heart of a Cypriot Village.

Aphrodite Hills Village Square Supermarket

A great selection of restaurants and bars can be found in the Village Square offering a range of flavours and cuisines, from traditional Greek, Italian, to superior quality Indian cuisine. The Anoi Pub serves an extensive variety of beers and wines. More information can be found in our Dining Section on the sumptuous delights available. The Village Square also offers all amenities guests could want or need, including the all essential bank, pharmacy, mini market, and flower shop.

Aphrodite Hills Village Square Pub

In addition to offering a great selection of shops and restaurants, the spacious open-air area acts as the focal point for events such as traditional bazaars and other festivities which are held on Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas.